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Welcome to your Entry Test

Do you _____ a uniform at your school?

Our neighbours aren’t very polite, and _____ particularly quiet!

If I _____ him, I would have spoken to him, wouldn’t I?

I _____ coffee.

Harry _____ his father’s car when the accident happened.

Did you hear what happened to Kate? She _____.

Don’t forget to _____ the light when you leave the room.

Harriet is so knowledgeable. She can talk about _____ subject that comes up.

Joel came back from his holiday in Brazil looking really _____.

If you _____ me, what would you do?

Greg is _____ a lot of time at Yvonne’s house these days!

Roberta _____ from The United States.

I don’t know where _____ last night.

He _____ that he hadn’t stolen the computer, but no one believed him.

After the movie was released, the main _____ point was its excessive use of violence.

I’ll call you when I _____ home.

I think Joey must _____ late tonight. His office light is still on.

I wish I _____ more money!

A vegetarian is someone _____ doesn’t eat meat.

John tells me Jack’s going out with Helen, _____ I find hard to believe.

_____ be famous one day?

I _____ watch TV tonight.

How many _____ of trousers have you got?

Harry can _____ English.

I’m so hungry! If only Bill _____ all the food in the fridge!

What’s _____ name?

There have been several big _____ against the use of GM foods recently.

We had expected that they _____ fluent English, but in fact they didn’t.

The meeting was _____ and not very interesting.

‘_____ to Australia, Ginny?’ ‘Yes, two years ago.”

Surely Sue _____ you if she was unhappy with your work.

Tokyo is _____ city I’ve ever lived in.

My sister _____ the cooking in our house.

I was wondering _____ tell me when the next plane from Chicago arrives.

Who _____ in that house?

The meal was very expensive. Look at the _____!

She was in _____ when she heard the tragic news.

I _____ a headache.

I regret _____ harder in school.

What _____ this weekend, Lance?

The breath test showed he had consumed more than three times the legal limit of alcohol, so the police arrested him for _____.

I _____ TV every evening.

_____ these days.

Can you give me a _____ with my bag.

She likes _____ expensive clothes.

Where _____?

I’d rather I _____ next weekend, but I do!

Could you _____ me that book for a couple of days, please?

I usually _____ up at about 7.30.

It’s my birthday _____ Friday.

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